SOC 100 Week 3 ERRs: Relevant? Irrelevant?.DOCX

SOC 100 Week 3 ERRs: Relevant? Irrelevant?

The following electronic reserve readings from week 3 are dated from  2000 - 2007: 

Caudron, S. (2000). Keeping team conflict alive. Public Management, 82(2), 5 

McCarthy, B. (2007). Constructive conflict. Leadership Excellence, 24(2), 6.

Nijstad, B. A., & de Dreu, C. K. W. (2002). Creativity and group innovation. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 51(3), 400-406.

What aspect(s) from any one of the foregoing ERRs has universality? That is, do the topic and discussion, such as Constructive Conflict, have relevance today to group dynamics? Why? How? Where have you experienced the topic or have you seen it applied? Conversely, what aspect(s), if any, from the selected reading lacks currency?

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