PSY 110 Week 4 Working in Diverse Groups

PSY 110 Week 4 Working in Diverse Groups

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 PSY 110 Week 4 Working in Diverse Groups

This week is about working in diverse groups and developing cultural competence that can help you in many scenarios.

Imagine now that you have found a job opening that is looking for someone to join its diverse team. To narrow down candidates for the job, you are being asked to respond in a written interview of approximately 525 words.

Refer to Ch. 9: Diversity and Relationships to review strategies that will help prepare you for this assignment.

Complete the Working in Diverse Groups worksheet.

Hint: The Connect Activities in the recommended section of this week can also help you to learn more.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Working in Diverse Groups


Thank you for submitting your application at Rodarte’s Marketing Group, a company that prides itself on its diverse work culture. The first stage of the process is a written interview. Please provide your answers to the following questions.




What is cultural competence?


How is cultural competence advantageous in the workplace?


What two or three strategies can you use to develop cultural competence?




What strategies can you use to become more at ease with differences and diversity?


What does your ideal workplace look like? How would you like to be treated? How should you treat others?
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