This paper will continue to build on the foundation for the Benchmark -The Kingdom of God in... 

This paper will continue to build on the foundation for the Benchmark -The Kingdom of God in Topic 8. Specifically, you will need Jesus' concepts of the kingdom for Section 3 of the Topic 8 benchmark assignment. You can use the lecture as a guide, but be sure to augment the outline with material from Mark, Luke, and John.

In two- to three-pages, complete the "Outline" document with the following information on Jesus' concepts on the kingdom of God and the establishment of the kingdom through his ministry, death, and resurrection:

Provide a complete introduction to your paper with a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. The introduction should include the theme of the kingdom, and the thesis should be one to two sentences that identify the argument you will make in the paper.

Provide a section for each of the main subject areas that will be addressed within your Topic 8 benchmark assignment. Under each section, provide a clear topic sentence and the main points that will be made within the paper, and cite the sources that will be used to substantiate the main points.
Your Topic 8 benchmark assignment will need to prove the points that you are making, so each section should directly correspond to your thesis statement and identify the most important aspects of the theme you have selected.

The conclusion should restate the main points that are going to be made within the paper. This should be well developed.

Provide a full bibliography page as it will appear on your final paper. The
sources found in the bibliography should be cited throughout the outline

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