BUS 401 Week 3 Return on Investment Education Funding

Return on Investment for education and employment

            The educational investment of studying finance and business was due to the overall need to sustain myself in the near future. The breaking of the circle of poverty was the main thing that led me to choose the subject. The insights on how to run and manage or decide on different businesses were the issue that led to search for the study analysis. This passion to know how businesses are managed and influenced in the provision of different activities was the thing that led to the management of the operation of the firm, Nave and Rubio, (2012).  

The classification, summarising, classifying, communication and recording of the financial information about the business had increased the job prospects that were supposed to occur. The increasing possibilities of working in the different fields of finance and business were seen to allow the overall improved participation of different activities. The increased employability and improved career development of the study of finance beckoned me to study the subject. This learning will allow the growth and learning possibility of the overall analysis of the changes that could have occurred within the organization.
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