The ledger of AISExperts Inc SOLVED

The ledger of AISExperts Inc.

The ledger of AISExperts Inc. showed the following balances after adjustment, but before closing, on December 31, 2015, the end of the current year: The president of AISExperts Inc., has asked you to develop a flexible financial statement package (call the file yourlastnameyourfirstnameFinState15), using Excel that includes:
· a data entry sheet (should include the information above)
· a trial balance (link to the data entry sheet),
· a single-step income statement,
· a multi-step income statement,
· a statement of retained earnings,
· a classified balance sheet, and
· a post-close trial balance (a trial balance with only accounts not “closed”)

Each statement must be on one sheet in the file and this file should allow the financial statements to be prepared quickly by entering account balances in the appropriate cells on the first sheet of the file (book) – data entry sheet.

Include percentages in the Income Statement (vertical analysis) i.e., gross profit percentage, % of selling expenses to sales, etc. (common sizing and vertical analysis are basically the same analysis techniques – every number in the multi-step income statement is divided by sales).

Your file must contain documentation with comments (Excel commands: REVIEW, NEW COMMENT). The comments should be included where you think explanation is required i.e., earnings per share on the bottom of the income statement should probably be explained or retained earnings (beginning and ending balances) might require some additional comments.

Use the financial information above as input for your statements. Only formulas/cell references should appear on all sheets except your data entry sheet (except titles and dates) – no hard coded numbers in the financial statements. When grading your project, I will include different data in your data entry sheet to see if every statement in your file will update correctly.

Arriving at the correct solution using appropriate formulas and the correct format for financial statements will allow you to keep your current position (with a score of 85). The presentation of the financials (i.e., underlining, bold, font, $ [used sparingly], etc.) will potentially enable you to secure a promotion (an additional 15 points). Good Luck.