200 : Miss Iris meets the Vespa : Pedalstart and revving

Miss Iris, dressed with a white dress and high heels, is ready to go!
She wants to drive her own Vespa, because it's summer and because she loves it!

She goes to her white Vespa, and she starts kicking it to start it up! She doesn't want to kick a lot, because she have high heels and so she hates kicking with them! The weather is not the best one, and that is why she wants to get it started quickly so she can go there before it starts to rain.

But the Vespa doesn't seem to coperate! She tries again and again but the engine doesn't want to start up! After a lot of attempts, she finally make it!

But the happy moment is short because it stalls again... She now has to fight again against the stubborn engine to start it up again!

But the second start up will be different, because she now wants to not give any second of relax to the engine and keep the revs high, so it can't stall at all!
So she starts revving it very hard to quickly warm up the engine and keep it awake, while the clouds are getting darker and darker...

Will she make it before it starts to rain? Or she will cancel her Vespa trip?
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