Review the data at this link: (Links to an external site.)

which has the results of the Module 1 survey for RMT366 students in this and past quarters (be sure to scroll down to see all the data). You will need the results and you must refer to them for this assignment.

Scenario: You are now the person at CWU who receives these results and are asked by your boss to write a SHORT summary of what the findings mean. Do not just restate the data, interpret them based on what you have learned so far in class. Make sure to look at both tabs of the results - Question Summaries and Data Trends. You should review earlier chapters in your text and use terminology in the text to complete this assignment. Bold the terminology so that it is easily seen.

Write a 3-4 paragraph analysis of the findings:
•Are they good? Bad?
•What do they tell CWU?
•What should be the next step to help solve any issues this survey brings up?
•What other questions could be asked in the future?

In 3-4 paragraphs discuss the following:

On page 86 - 145 of the Customer Centric Marketing: Build Relationships, Create Advocates, and Influence Your Customers the author discusses using of Social Media Marketing to build relationships with customers (advocates). What can CWU do, based upon these principles (page 103) , to enhance their Social Media Marketing presence and build better relationships with students (customers)?
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