Music is about the culture organizes itself- becomes different when it comes to what they think music is


Understanding though a social context / Understanding is about sharing


You can't understand the music until you're taking part in it (the way you do it)


Should listen to music in terms of its material production and as knowledgeable 'users' do


Struggle and mess we see on the dance floor today as a cultural metaphor for 'hope' - in fixing the mess we see in everyday life


Aesthetic value is situated and relative - not universal ad absolute


Moral value is found in use - where the 'values' of the songs end up socially in society / how are people using this (ex: used for positive political action)


Evaluate the actual text of the lyrics with the social contexts that they are used in in public


New technology creates mass media, rather than local groupings (ex: broadcasting live events to millions of people)


Industries have taken over the production of music, rather than individuals- and if music is a major factor of what molds culture, industry is therefore molding culture
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