Money MAGIC - ATTRACT MONEY like MAGIC! SUBLIMINAL + 528Hz Miracle Solfiggeo Frequencies

This MONEY MAGIC subliminal contains over 200 (silent) LIFE-CHANGING subliminal affirmations designed to attract money and abundance to you like MAGIC!

*Also contains Alpha Isochronic Tones & 528Hz Solfeggio Miracle Healing Tone to return your DNA to a perfect state, balance Sacral chakra, increase energy, & bring TRANSFORMATION AND MIRACLES into your life! 528Hz have been used by advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and blessings in one’s life. Also known was the “Love Frequency” or “Miracle Tone” to bring extraordinary changes.

Listen to at least 2x a day for at least 30 days. The more the better!

*Take the Money Magic 30-Day Challenge!!! -
According to Esther Hicks, when you focus on a single thought or feeling (with no contradicting thoughts or feelings) for 17 seconds, you activate matching vibrations that attract more of that thought or feeling. So for the next 30 days, challenge yourself to spend at least 17-seconds visualizing or imagining having money and wealth in abundance! Visualize (if you can - it's not about what you see, i's more about FEELING the feelings of your desires already manifested) OR IMAGINE, money raining down on you and how JOYFUL/EXCITING/RELIEVING it feels to have more than enough money for all your needs! You can also visualize or imagine money sticking to you like a magnet, seeing lots of money in your wallet, etc...

Tips to SUPER CHARGE Your 30-day Challenge:

(1) While visualizing, repeat to yourself “wealth, success”

(2) Pay attention to the different ways money is coming to you. For ex, did you receive a gift? Did a friend treat you for lunch? These are signs of the Universe sending abundance to you. Keeping a log for the first 14 days is helpful!

(3) Remember, money is your friend! Having it in abundance allows you to do fun things and help those less fortunate.

(4) Allow money to flow in your life – Wouldn’t it be nice to TRULY feel comfortable purchasing anything you want – no matter the cost? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel grateful that you have more than enough to pay your bills? *If you don’t feel that way, visualize or imagine you do now.* The more you subconsciously align with these vibrations – the more money you will attract!

(5) Tithing 10% of your overall income to a spiritual organization of your choice has been known to boost one’s abundance tremendously.

***Do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery. Listen to at least 2x a day for at least 30 days. Listen at comfortable/low volume. Please be responsible, if your head hurts, stop listening or lower volume.

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