Bri's Long Hair to Brush Cut Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Bri has nearly waist long red hair, but wants a hairstyle that is easier to manage. In a short interview session, she talks about her hair and shows it off. Next, she takes a seat in the vintage barber chair where her high collared blouse is unbuttoned and folded down to make room for the neck strip. A pink nylon cape is draped over Bri and then her locks are brushed out so that when the Oster clippers are used, her hair doesn't snag in the guard. The barber chair is reclined back for bulk of the hair on the top of the hair to be cut. The rest of the "mullet" is taken care of in an upright position. Once the long hair is piled up on the styling station, the stylist uses a scissors and thinning shears to create an attractive, long brush cut haircut. The barber chair is reclined back once again to shampoo Bri's hair. After towel drying, a paddle brush and hair dryer help to create lift and style. Although Bri is looking forward to having short hair, she is quite nervous, and doesn't want to see her haircut until it is all finished. Do you think that she'll love it as much as her friend does? Watch and find out!

Duration approx 60 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .wmv
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