Be Healed Of Guilt And Shame MP3

Be Healed Of Guilt And Shame 21 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3  Download

A New Way Is Made Possible A New Day New Beginning Leaving The Past Behind
From Whence It Came. Be Healed From Guilt And Shame Once And For All.
Give This Subliminal MP3 A Try,  Your Life Depends On It By Making A Decision
Not To Live With This Infliction Any Longer.

For Best Results Listen For 21 Minutes Daily 21 - 49 Days

Headphones Are Optional

Voiced Commands In Gentle Thunderstorm And Babbling Brook Format.

I Make Peace With My Self

I Accept What I've Done I Take Full Responsibility

I Am Moving On From My Past

I Am Free Of the Past

I Am Free

Yes You Are Free

I Treat My Self Better

I Am On A Path To A Better Future

I Release All Need For Guilt And Shame I Consciously Dissolve This

I Release All Need For Anger Resentment And Blame I Consciously Dissolve This

I Release The Pattern In My Consciousness That Has Created These Conditions

I Order The Negative Patterns In My Life Right

Now Wiped Out Erased Eliminated Neutralized Released

I Allow Them To Disappear

To Fade Away To Dissolve Back Into The Nothingness From Whence It Came

I Truly Forgive All Of Those That Need Forgiving And I Forgive My Self

The Old Garbage No Longer Has A Hold On Me

Let This Day Be Filled With Love For Me

Let This Day Be Peaceful And Calm

Let This Day Bring New Insights New Understandings

Let This Day Bring Unexpected Prosperity And Abundance

Let This Be A Day Of Great Joy This Is My Day

This Is A Healthy Harmonious

Loving Prosperous And Creative Day For Me It Is Filled With Joy

This Is A Good Day It Is A New Day

This Is One Of The Best Days I Have Ever Had

This Is A New Beginning
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