Soul Star Alignment Galactic Origins DNA Human Codes Activation

Soul Star Alignment Galactic Origins DNA Human Codes Activation

It is time to communicate with higher dimensional beings and the sacred knowledge of your soul star. Soul Star Alignment Galactic DNA Human Codes will realign and activate you with the star systems of your origins, what is most significant to your soul that wants to communicate from the DNA codes of your Divine Original Blueprint. Through tele-etheric links of the sacred Language of Light, awaken abilities, information and telepathic awareness from those origins that are most prominent to your Galactic

connections of Higher Frequency Energies.

Your crown chakra connects you to your soul star where there are three higher chakras / energy centers that will be activated to your Galactic DNA Human Codes. What will be revealed by these connections within the body and energy may be different and unique to each individual and will be determined by the groups, lineage, planets, realms you are from and are ready to know and be active to.

Find out what your ET, Galactic ancient lineages are and connections to:

*The Soul Star Chakra

*Enhanced Higher Self

*Pineal gland awakening

*Spiritual gifts

*Astral travel, clairvoyance and telepathy

*Powers of intuition

*Greater connection to your Galactic guides, counsels and lineage

*Divine white light

*Your Greater Soul’s Purpose

*Transcendence of lower energies and karma contracts

*Tele-etheric communication
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