090 : Miss Black Mamba hardly cranks the old Fiat Panda

Prepare yourself for 15 minutes of pure hard starting cranking frustration. From the very first failed attempt until the last Miss Black Mamba tries her absolute hardest to get this old Fiat started and boy does she work up a sweat as she does so! The level of determination from this young lady will leave you speechless, her dominant style and aggressive pumping along with her constant pleading will have your eyes fixed to the screen throughout. She pounds the steering wheel in anger and pumps and floors the accelerator pedal with such power that her toe ends up breaking through her nylons! For most of the clip this amazing young lady goes at it with her nylon covered barefoot but towards the end she does try in her sexy high heels as well, check out those amazing legs as she puts her left leg on the dash whilst pounding the pedal to the floor with her right foot. Check out the preview and then get the whole clip, you won't want to miss the passionate Italian Mistress in full flow, a MUST see clip! Price € 15,00 Playtime: 16:24 Min Size: 479 MB Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4 Release date August 27, 2015