This plugin was designed to help server owners create a unique parkour course, Keep in mind with lobby and or hub parkour your server will look more professional, However the plugin does not stop there we allow you to add as many changes to the configuration system and change the whole system to your own desiring’s. The plugin adds five Non Playing characters(NPC’S) to your game that can be changed at will to your own liking, for example all the messages can be changed with a command, how easy? For starters you don’t need to setup the plugin via the configuration file, just commands. The plugin has a light-weight setup system that allows you to understand what each command will do and or its functions.

  • Custom 5 NPCS
  • Custom messages to each NPC
  • Custom NPC head Names
  • Plugin can be setup In-Game and in the configurations
  • Gives players Items to select the options (Set Checkpoints, teleport to checkpoint and a leave item)
  • Set the leave spawn anywhere
  • Multi-World Support
  • Allows you to make the plugin feel as Unique as possible
  • Change all NPC Head Names + Click Messages
  • Spoiler: NPCs
  • Right Clickable NPC's
  • Checkpoint System
  • Can be fully setup in Game!
  • Firework Effects (Can be enabled or disabled)
  • Vault + Iconomy(Iconomy, Essentials etc.. + Can be turned on and off using win commands)
  • View amount of times you completed the parkour
  • 1.8 & 1.9 titles (Editable messages)
  • Spoiler: Titles
  • Cool-downs (Configurable)
  • NPCs now set checkpoints!
  • Set leave on win!
  • Join GUI:
  • Spoiler: JoinGUI/Menu
  • View Parkour Option (Spectate like Enable/Disable) (TODO)
  • Spoiler: Signs
  • New Verify Menus
  • Spoiler: VerifyMenu
  • Challenge your friends or players in completing the parkour (this feature is still under the working however is ready for use in the current versions!)
  • Fully configurable
  • Commands on Win
  • Stats System
  • Per player signs
  • 1.9 and 1.8 support
  • Void to checkpoint teleportation
  • Setup Holograms
  • Records (time to complete parkour)
  • Spoiler: Timer/Record
  • In Parkour mode anti PVP and anti Damage
  • Potion Effect Blocks:
  • Blocks:
    • Diamond Block: Speed boost
    • Gold Block: Jump boost
    • Iron Block: Confusion
    • Redstone Block: Remove all portion effects
    • Lapis Block: Slowness effect
    • Coal Block: Blindness effect

​Spoiler: Config.yml​Spoiler: data.yml

Updates are released every week even if there are only minor bug fixes
If there are major bugs reported we will Quickly fix and upload a fix the same day we get the report.
Also when you guys request a item to be added into the plugin we quickly begin to work on it and get it ready for the weekly release.

*Next update will include changeable checkpoint and gui items!*

  • /pk setup - Enter setup menu
  • /pk setjoinhead <MSG - Set join Villagers name
  • /pk setcp1head <MSG - Set Checkpoint one Villagers name
  • /pk setcp2head <MSG - Set Checkpoint two Villagers name
  • /pk setcp3head <MSG - Set Checkpoint three Villagers name
  • /pk setupjoinmsg - Enter setup for join Villagers click message
  • /pk setupcp1msg - Enter setup for Checkpoint One Villagers click message
  • /pk setupcp2msg - Enter setup for Checkpoint Two Villagers click message
  • /pk setupcp3msg - Enter setup for Checkpoint Three Villagers click message
  • /pk setupcommsg - Enter setup for Complete Villagers click message
  • /challenge <player - Challenge a player to the parkour
  • /accept <player - Accept a challenge request
  • Guys it looks hard to setup but its really not!
  • Permissions:
  • pk.set - Setup Permissions
  • Inventory Items Permissions
  • pk.setcheckpoint
DynamicParkour Setup: (Detailed)
(This may look complicated but setup is simple)

To begin the setup process run the command /pk to verify that the plugin has been installed correctly,
once you run that command begin with the full setup below.

Run the command /pk setup to view the parkour setup process, this is a very long list of commands but is very easy to use.

Lets begin with the locations, run the command /pk setlocations, you will see some new items apear in your inventory,
walk around and right click the blocks to set the NPC spawn locations. The last block in the items will be the set leave point,
set this location where you wish to teleport your players when they leave the parkour.

Now that you have set the first few locations, right click the arrow and set these locations where you want the checkpoint teleport locations to begin
(These are the locations where the player will be teleported to when they click the Villager (Can be enabled or disabled) or when the player returns to their checkpoint)

once you have set all the locations set right click the emerald to varify the saving all of the locations.

Let's go ahead and set the Villagers names, run the command
/pk setjoinhead <Name (Example: /pk setjoinhead &6&l &e&lJoin Parkour &6&l<<)
Now lets set the checkpoint villagers names, so run the following commands in order

/pk setcp1head <Name (Example: /pk setcp1head &6&l &a&lCheckpoint One &6&l<<)
/pk setcp2head <Name (Example: /pk setcp2head &6&l &a&lCheckpoint Two &6&l<<)
/pk setcp3head <Name (Example: /pk setcp3head &6&l &a&lCheckpoint Three &6&l<<)

Now that we have set all the checkpoint NPC's and Join NPC there is only Villager left
the complete parkour villager. Lets go ahead and set his name, run the command

/pk setcomhead <Name (Example: /pk setcomhead &6&l &c&lFinish Line &6&l<<

Good job! now that you have set the Villagers names lets go ahead and set the messages they will tell a player when they click on them,
lets start with the join Villager

run the command /pk setupjoinmsg, a new list of commands will pop up, these will help you create amazing messages to send to your players

run the command /pk addjoinmsg <Message to add a line to the message. (Example: /pk addjoinmsg &aYou have joined the parkour)
(To add an empty line to your message use %new_line% example: /pk addmsgline %new_line%)

If you need to change a line in the join message run the command /pk setjoinmsgline <Line Number <Message (Example: /pk setjoinmsgline 0 &aYou have joined the parkour.)
(The message setup will tell you the line number for each line in the message)

Now if you need to remove a line from the message run the command /pk removejoinmsgline <line Number (Example: /pk removejoinmsgline 0)

If you require to start over run the command /pk wipejoinmsg

Example Using the join message setup: (IN-ORDER)

/pk addjoinmsg &a&l&m=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
/pk addjoinmsg %new_line%
/pk addjoinmsg &6&lYou have joined the parkour!
/pk addjoinmsg %new_line%
/pk addjoinmsg &a&l&m=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Spoiler: Example
now the next few commands are

/pk setupcp1msg
/pk setupcp2msg
/pk setupcp3msg
/pk setupcommsg

These four commands work extactly like the join setup message from above.
(Follow the same steps with the new commands and you will basically be done with messages)

Now all that is left to do is save the configs, to do this run the command /pk save

In order to load the NPC's reload the server, this will also insure that there where no errors during setup, if there was an error simply setup the plugin again, or check the error to see what is missing.

If you change anything within the configs you may run the command /pk reload, which will allow you to change settings without restarting or reloading the server (Config.yml only)

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