Saturday AM #33 (includes Saturday PLUS #10)


It. is. Saturday AM!

We bring the hottest manga webcomics to the table each and every issue, a virtual Shonen Jump but with more diversity!!

And Issue #33 is CHOCK FULL of GREATNESS

Starting with a stunning new cover featuring SAIGAMI by Andrea Voros which kicks off an Interview with the writer/ artist that explores the amazing new arc called The Initiation.

Also, CLOCK STRIKER--the diverse HIT new Saturday AM manga starring a young African American female who is on track to become a great Forgemaster (think engineer meets ninja) as long as she can survive the experience.

Finally, the BIGGEST original manga webcomic, Saturday AM founding series-- APPLE BLACK returns and Whyt Manga brings a shocking ending to this installment that will have message forums on alert!

Also, if Saturday AM represents the BIGGEST NAMES IN AMATEUR MANGA then Saturday PLUS represents the BEST NEW TALENT, Never Before Seen!!

Saturday PLUS #10 (Bundled within the issue) continues with all-new installments of trial manga, OTOME LIFE, CHAINED: [black] and Cover Feature: EXPLOSION JOE!!

It's been so much work but is incredibly worth it--so GET YOUR SATURDAY FIX!!
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