Car Shoppers

Car Shoppers

In an effort to boost sales, Car Shoppers Inc. is offering buyers a choice of either a large cash rebate or an extremely low financing rate, much lower than the rate most buyers would pay by financing the car through their local bank. Jake Miller, the manager of Car Shoppers Inc., wants an application that helps buyers decide whether to take lower financing rate from his dealership, or to take the rebate and then finance the car through their local bank.

In this assignment, you are required to complete the given incomplete application for the above scenario. The name of the solution, project, and form file are Car Shoppers Solution, Car Shoppers Project, and Main Form.vb, respectively.
The interface of this application is shown as follows:
The application includes following Function and Sub Procedures.
Function/Sub procedure  Description
CalcPayment Calculates a monthly payment on a loan and return the value
MainForm_Load  Fills the list boxes with values and selects the first item.
ClearPayments  Clear the content of the text boxes
calcButton_Click  Define calcButton click event.
exitButton_Click  Define exitButton click event.
priceTextBox_Enter  Select all the content of the priceTextBox
rebateTextBox_Enter  Select all the content of the rebateTextBox
You must complete the following parts in the given application.

1. The function CalcPayment should be defined as a Private function with three input parameters called rate (as Double), years (as Double) and principal (as Double). It also return a Double value. Complete the header of this function by replacing the blanks ( _ _ _ _ ) according to the above details. (10 points)

2. Write code to fill the termListBox with values from 2 to 5 (Integer type) within the given space in MainForm_Load sub procedure. (10 points)

3. Write code to clear the content of dealerPayLabel and bankPayLabel within the given space in ClearPayments sub procedure. (4 points)

4. Write code to get the values at priceTextBox, rebateTextBox to the variables price, rebate respectively. (6 points)

5. Write code to get the selected values at dealerRateListBox, bankRateListBox and termListBox to the variables dealerRate, bankRate and term respectively. (10 points)

6. Invoke the function CalcPayment to get the value to the variable dealerPayment by passing the values dealerRate, term and price. (5 points)

7. Invoke the function CalcPayment to get the value to the variable bankPayment by passing the values bankRate, term and (price – rebate). (5 points)

Submit one Zip file.
Zip file:

Using a zip program such as WinZip, you should make a single zip file that contains all the sub-folders and files for your VB project that you have created for your programming assignment.

For example, when you create a project named "WindowsApplication1", then, Visual Basic 2012 Express creates a folder named "WindowsApplication1". The files for your form and code will be placed in this folder. You should zip this folder. When you zip this folder, you must let the zip program include all the sub-folders.
Once your project folder has been zipped into a single zip file, you should rename this zip file by using the prefix "Assignment", the assignment number, an underscore and your ISU Net ID (Not ISU Card ID). For example, the zip file for assignment #1 for a student of which ISU ID is isu123 would be
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