120 bpm

Synths, Percussion

You know that sound that was big in 80s dance music with that sort of galloping doo-do-do-DAH-do-do-doo-do-do-DAH thing? This has a thing like that, but in really, really complex drum sound. You need to wait until 16 seconds in to hear what the doo-do-do-DAH-do-do-doo-do-do-DAH sounds like. I know it can be difficult reading KRN (Kevin's Rhythmic Notation). A-do-do-dooo-a-da-da-daaah is all I want to say to you.

This download includes the following files:

Voltaic - Electric Fight.mp3

Voltaic - Bass.wav

Voltaic - Chords.wav

Voltaic - Drums.wav

Voltaic - Lead.wav

Voltaic - Full Mix.wav

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