Modify the Acker function Solution

Modify the Acker function so that it utilizes memoization. See if you can get your modified function to calculate the following values:

Acker(3,20) = 8388605

Acker(4,0) = 13

Acker(4,1) = 65533

You almost certainly will need to change the default Stack Reserve Size to about 1 billion. This Project Properties option is found under Configuration Properties | Linker | System.

Zip the following upon completion:

.cpp and .h files that define your program;

An .exe file that executes properly;

Any .txt file(s) needed for input;

Any .txt file(s) created by your program during execution;

Several screen shots showing the runtime output of your program;

No .sdf files; no ipch folder, Debug folder, Release folder – remove these.
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