XCOM 285 Week 3 CheckPoint - Technological Advancements in Com

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Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following questions based on “Superhero in the Cubicle” in the Electronic Reserve Readings:

• What technological advancements in communication were discussed in the article?
• Choose two communication types and compare and contrast them. How could these be used in your workplace?
Do these technological advancements in communication follow what is traditionally considered business communication? Why?

Technological advancements in communication are happening all around us in many ways. In the article “Superhero In the Cubicle” by Virginia Citrano, they discuss a few of these technological advancements that have been implemented to help “simplify our jobs.” One of these tools is the Web-based tool from Big Blue that helps companies with bookmarking, blogging, record-keeping, and much more. This source of “social computing” can include blogs, wiki’s, and mash-ups.
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