Course Outcomes

Assignment Grading Rubric

Assignment 5

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

• Appraise a business scenario and recommend a course of action

• Measure the financial viability of a business case

• Demonstrate the thorough understanding of an I.T. scenario.

Course Outcomes: 

• IT460-3 Apply object-oriented modeling tools and techniques in designing information systems.

Assignment requirements: 

The Midterm is a structured problem-solving experience that allows you and each of your teammates to demonstrate your current Systems Analyst skill set!  There will be two scores issued for the midterm; overall team score and your individual score based on the overall team score and the feedback provided by your teammates with regards to your level of participation.

Read the Midterm Assignment Case Study below, in which you will be applying the methods and techniques used during the System Development Life Cycle. The assignment will be completed in teams of students assigned by your professor.  Each team is responsible for completing the entire assignment. 

• Students are expected to meet their team's expectations for attending team meetings, completing individual assignments, and contributing to the integration of those assignments into a cohesive team submission. 

• Each member of the team will submit an evaluation of their team members,

including themselves, based upon their participation on the team. The evaluations will be averaged together to determine each student's assignment participation grade. Your instructor will give you more detail on the format of the evaluation. Read the WillowbrookSchool case study, and then complete the following questions regarding the case study. 

1. In order to succeed as a Systems Analyst, you have to understand the purpose of the organization that you support.  Our work is focused on the needs of our business partners.  Given that your first deliverable is to draft a mission statement for Willowbrook Schools.  Please keep in mind that the focus of the Mission Statement is on the business and not the I.T. assignment!   

2. We still have to learn more about our business partners and what they are required to do to run their business!  For this deliverable you are asked to list at least 6 business processes that WillowbrookSchool performs, and identify the person responsible for the task.  

3. Develop a strong business case for the proposed Willowbrook system.  Even though we do not have detailed financial information at this point, we do have enough data to demonstrate that it makes sense to go forward with this assignment.  In your Business Case, ensure that you identify the possible source(s) of funding for our assignment.   

4. List the system requirements for the new Willowbrook system. The required format for our new requirements is that identified by our Text Book author. 

5. As we’ve learned, our understanding of the required Processes and Data requirements is absolutely essential for a successful assignment.  Your technical team has already prepared the Context Diagram and Level 0 Diagrams for your review.  You can download this file from the Dropbox section of your classroom; filename:  Unit 5 Drawings.  For this section of the assignment, please prepare a written analysis that depicts what diagram conveys.  You are to use “words/terms” that our business partners would understand when they read your work.   

6. Create a decision table that describes how the WillowbrookSchool determines which discounts, if any, are to be applied to the fixed fees for a child. 

 In addition to the Midterm assignment, a peer assessment is required for Unit 5.  Please download from the Team Work section of our classroom titled; Team Participation_Peer Assessment.  After completing this form, please submit through the Unit 5 dropbox for this assignment.  In order to receive full credit, you are expected to honestly rate your

teammates with regards to their participation efforts.  Your evaluation will be kept

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