Soft-drink vending machine

Create an application that simulates a soft-drink vending machine. The application should let the user select one of the following soft drinks;


Root beer ($1.00)

Lemon lime($1.00)

Grape Soda ($1.50)

Cream soda($1.50)

Figure below shows an example of the application form at run time. (The images that are displayed are in student sample programs)

When the application starts, the vending machine will have 20 of each type of soft drink. Each time the user selects a drink, the application should subtract 1 from the quantity of the selected drink. It should also update and display the total amount of sales. If the user selects a drink that is sold out, a message should be displayed indicating so.

In the application code creaate a structure that has fields for the following data:

Drink name

Drink cost

Number of drinks in machine

The program should createe an array of five stucture object. Each element of the array should keep data for a specific type of soft drink.
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