Top-scoring, adaptable and memorisable essay for USA Modern History HSC

A memorisable and adaptable essay that covers any question somewhat involving the extent of the depression's effects on differing groups and the many government policies introduced to deal with the depression.

Expertly evaluates and examines the issues and historiography.

Scored 25/20!!!!

The Great Depression affected the American people to a substantially significant, yet varying extent, with differing socio-economic sections of society faring contrastingly. Different groups such as farmers, the wealthy, workers, women and Afro-Americans were affected to a varying degree. The policies used by the Hoover and Roosevelt governments were ineffective to a differing extent at overcoming the depression. The governmental policies of rugged individualism, free enterprise and pure capitalism used during the presidency of Republican Herbert Hoover from 1928 to 1932 were generally ineffective and unsuccessful at overcoming the Depression. Whereas the ‘New Deal’ policies of the Roosevelt government, although unsuccessful at overcoming the Depression were considerably effective at assisting Americans in enduring it.

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