Zane King-Steel Guitar Coach presents: Tabs & Tracks Vol. One Download

These PDFs and Tracks will get you going in the coolest and most innovative learning tool for steel guitar players. The great news is it is EASY to access and easy to follow. And, it is meant to help YOU learn how to become the GREATEST steel player you could possibly be!

This download includes Tablature for all three songs, 3 Tracks, 3 Demonstration Tracks, and an important info page with information needed to access your exclusive and password protected STEEL GUITAR COACH videos available only to those who purchase this download.

The 4 videos that go along with your tabs & tracks are here to offer you a new and excellent educational opportunity via video, introduced by proficient steel guitar player and coach, Zane King.

Zane is your personal coach, helping you to reach new heights in your steel guitar playing experience.

The Tabs & Tracks series, starting with Volume One includes all the tablature for all 3 songs plus, those 3 tracks to play along to, and the 3 demo track versions of those songs, showing you a direction to take and where you may want to play throughout the track.


The three songs included in Volume One are-
1. Amazing Grace
2. Together Again
3. Secret Love
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