EGGstremely Dangerous 2.0 (new extended edition)

This is "EGGstremely Dangerous 2.0". Five years have passed since the first edition of this ebook and I have had so many great reactions from magicians and mentalists all over the world, and amazing reviews in online forums, I was overwhelmed with all the feedback I got. But I also listened to your suggestions on how to overcome the need to buy five quite expensive props from your local magic store to make this work.

The alternative handling that was suggested by Wayne Rogers is so ingenious and feels so organic (and is so cheap to prepare) that I decided to share it with you. So you can start performing this right away.

Enjoy reading EGGstremely Dangerous 2.0.

What is the fuss all about?
The classic nail roulette done with a raw egg that is about to be poured onto the spectator's head! Suspense and comedy go hand in hand in this hilarious mentalism routine by Stefan Olschewski!

A spectator is chosen from the audience and the mentalist states he will now try to subliminally influence the spectator to make a very important decision. He talks about the dangerous game of “Russian Roulette” and states he will try something similar – only that he will be using five opaque glasses and a raw egg…

The spectator sits on a chair and is asked to relax while the mentalist takes an egg from a box and breaks it into one of the five glasses standing in a row on his table. Those are then mixed behind a screen so nobody (apart from the mentalist) knows which glass holds the liquid.

The rules are simple: The spectator has a free choice of any of the glasses he thinks is the “dangerous one”, which is placed aside into a box or a paper bag so nobody tampers with it. All the other glasses are poured right above the spectator's head in any order. If one of them holds the liquid, the spectator loses!

Fortunately, all glasses are empty! Of course, using your “mental powers”, you have been able to guide him to choose the correct glass at the beginning. This is now removed from the bag and poured into a clear bowl to prove it really contained the egg! The spectator may return to his seat completely dry.

This is a fun routine that can even be done when there are kids in the audience and which will always get a great reaction. Consider these points:

  • No force of the glass

  • No stooges

  • No marked glasses

  • The bag can be examined after the effect, there is nothing else inside

  • No equivoque

  • The spectator will always choose the correct glass

  • Suitable for any audience

  • 100% surefire, works all the time

  • No multiple outs

  • Nothing to palm

  • Includes special kicker prediction ending


New edition 2017, 25 pages. EGGstremely Dangerous is delivered directly to you as an instant download!
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