Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman

Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman

Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman
The Ultraviolet Talisman Contains a Field of limitless bliss.

Your emotional wounds & past traumas that are holding you back from living a full life. ๐Ÿ˜ž

You might not even know about these old traumas or emotional wounds because even the tiniest of buried pain can rob you completely from a life filled with happiness and potential.

That is why I have called upon my greatest healing power to transmute all your baggage instantly to experience higher vibrations of love and peace.

I understand that the pain may be hard to face, but with The Ultraviolet Talisman, it is painless and effortless. You won't even know it's there.

The Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman is the Daughter of the Creator and the Daughter of Destiny. In the beginning, when the Great Creation occurred, there were many that attended. The four Elder Creators, of atmosphere, planets, movement, and souls. The four Ascended Creators, of belief, destiny, path, and death. Lastly, the four guardians of Avalon. The Creator began to create the first of four races that would be the foundation of all life. These races were the flames, the guardians, the watchers and the horsemen.
He paused, and thought, โ€œI wish to first create a Violet.โ€ Within the lava, a Violet Flower grew. It bloomed, and when it opened, a light was enclosed inside it. The light was violet in color, it burst and the flower it rested on died, leaving only the light. The Creator was surprised by his creation and thought this Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman to be of great wisdom and power. He made this Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman his child by pulling a piece of his skin off and giving it to the flame. He then turned to his soulmate Destiny, and she took a piece of her hair and gave it to the light. He then turned to the four guardians of Avalon, and each of them gave their energy to the light. The Creator then sealed his creation and released the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman into the world.

The Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman had many incarnations and through these incarnations, her potential, power, and purpose became defined. She was a light of healing, blessed with the ability to transmute karma, cleanse or erase karmic debts, channel all types of energy, turn negative energy into positive energy, balance and replenish the chakra systems, and she possessed many psychic abilities.

It took time for her to awaken and realize her potential and strength, and to develop her abilities to their full capacity. Over time it also became apparent that her flame was meant to be shared with all, and that not only she had access to her flame, but that all had access to her flame. While incarnated, the flame possessed too much energy to
, enter any physical body and therefore manifested itself in an astral realm.

The most popular incarnation she has had on this planet was as Quan Yin, or Kwan Yin, the Eastern Goddess of mercy, compassion, modesty, courage, justice, and wisdom. It was she that brought the knowledge of the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman to the Eastern cultures and allowed them to learn and cultivate The Ultraviolet Goddess Talismanโ€™s healing properties.

St. Germain, also associated with the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman, was another ascended master who took upon the knowledge of the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman. His knowledge of the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman was obtained through the angel Zadkiel, who had known the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman in a previous life. He did reveal that the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman had consciousness, but he did not know that the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman had been incarnated on the Earth.

I have taken the ancient frequency of the Ultraviolet Goddess Talisman Inc. it with 12 harmonic frequencies of Ascension transformation in unlimited bliss and harmony. By using the ultraviolet talisman all of these unique frequencies transmitted through the Violet flame are synchronized into a powerful energetic field that you control. Your trauma and emotional baggage are quickly dissolved the way and you're left with the feeling of euphoria endless bliss.


  1. Consuming karma

  2. Spiritual acceleration

  3. Quickening the mind and increased productivity Resolving emotions and psychology Transforming families and communities Rejuvenating the physical body

  4. Healing the earth

  5. Overcoming negative prophecies

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