Water Cycle Learning Pack

This is the Water Cycle Learning Pack and contains a lot of learning materials and activity sheets that you can use at home or in school.  This material is intended for 5 to 10 years old. (I am using this with my son who is 8years old).

Related post and preview of what's inside:  http://www.pinayhomeschooler.com/2016/08/water-cycle-learning-pack.html

The pack contains the  following:

  • Coloured vocabulary cards

  • Outline vocabulary cards to save ink

  • Outline cards for making booklets

  • Word and description match

  • True or false activity sheet

  • Draw and describe activity sheets

  • Water cycle diagram (coloured and outline)

  • Blank water cycle for labelling (coloured and outline)

  • Interactive sheet for matching description and picture

  • 6 Pages of activity sheets

  • Simple experiments

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