Linde LPG Forklift Truck H1283 Series: HT25Ts, HT30Ts Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde LPG Forklift Truck H-Series Type 1283.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 139 Pages, Printable
Language: English


1. Introduction
   Your forklift truck
   Description of use and climatic conditions
   Proper use
   Symbols used
   Technical description
   Receivingthe industrial truck
   Truck takeover
2. Safety
   Safety guidelines
   Residual risks
   In the case of tip-over
   Handling consumables
   Competent person
   Instructions for fitting attachments
   Lowering the forks manually
   Safety instructions for the LPG system
3. Overview
   Identification plates
   Truck overview
   Display unit
   Switch panel
4. Operation
   Checks and services before initial operation*
   Running-in instructions
   Daily checks before use
   Seat belt conditions and performance check
   Climbing on/off the forklift
   Adjusting the steering column
   Operating the horn
   Visual,olfactory inspection of LPG system
   Change the LP-gas bottle
   Fillthe LPG tank*
   Opening the gas cylinder or LPG tank* shutoff valve
   Drive engine
   Closing the gas cylinder or LPG tank* shutoff valve
   Steering system
   Brake system
   Inching/Braking system adjusting
   Lifting system and attachments
   Working under load
   Forklift towing
   Before leaving the lift truck unattended
   Leaving the truck
5. Maintenance
   General Information
   Supply Table
   Inspection as required
   500 h service plan
   1 000 h sen/ice plan
   3000 h service plan
   Change the engine oil
   Change the engine oil filter
   Check the LPG system for damage and leaks with leakage spray
   Check the basic adjustment of the LPG system
   Change the fan drivebelt
   Re-tensioning the drivebelt
   Intake/exhaust valve clearance adjustment
   Clean the LPG filter
   Check the air intake and exhaust pipes for leaks
   Clean air cleaner element
   Adjust the ignition timing
   Change the spark plugs
   Check the engine mounting for condition and tightness
   Change the air filter element,check the vacuum switch (every 6 months minimum or after 5 cleanings)
   Clean the evaporator / pressure regulator
   Check the LPG mixer adjustment
   Change the LPG filter
   Change the spark plugs
   Change the high-pressure gas hoses
   Cooling system
   Clean radiator
   Change the coolant
   Check the transmission oil level
   Change transmission oil filter
   Change transmission oil
   Change axle oil
   Steering axle and wheels
   Clean and grease the steering axle
   Tighten wheel fastenings
   Check the tyres for damage and foreign objects
   Check tyre inflation pressure
   Chassis frame
   Check seat belt for condition and operation
   Check mounting of engine, overhead guard, steering axle and wheel drive for tightness
   Brake system
   Check the parking brake for correct operation
   Check and adjust service brake
   Check brake system fluid level
   Change brake system liquid
   Greased the automatic adjuster bolt threads and sliding bushes with heat resistance grease
   Check the condition and secure positioning of electric cables,cable connectors and connections
   Check battery condition, electrolyte level and specific gravity
   Check the fuses
   Check the hydraulic system,drive axle and cable for leaks (visual inspection)
   Check hydraulic tank oil level
   Change the hydraulic oil press filter
   Change the hydraulic oil suction filter
   Change the hydraulic oil breather filter
   Check the pretension of double hoses if attachments are fitted
   Change hydraulic system oil
   Load lift system
   Check the forks and fork quick-releases
   Check the mast,lift chains and stops for condition,mounting and operation
   Lubricate the tilt and side shift mechanisms
   Lift mast and lift chaindubricate with chain spray
   Grease the mast and tilt cylinder pivots
   Adjust the lift chain length* and lubricate the lift chain with chain spray
6. Technical data
   Type sheet HT 25 Ts, as at 04/2012


7. Circuit diagrams
   Wiring diagram
   Circuit diagrams without ISO 3691
   Circuit diagrams with ISO 3691
   Circuit diagrams with ISO 3691
   Traction, working and steering hydraulics
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