Infinite Pads - New Mainstage Pads Template

Hey everybody!! Here is the new and improved Pad's Template this time with INFINITE PADS!!!!

That's right....these babies don't stop until you tell them to. And only at a fraction on the size. Remember how the last template was like a kazillion megabytes, well this one is like 40.

Also, the fade is now fully functional, with no need to do an elaborate programming dance to make it work for yourselves.

And the pads are now controlled by Midi CC information rather than notes.

You are gonna love it!!!!!

Same deal as the last one in regards to compatibility...This is a MAINSTAGE 3 Template. If that's all you have, this will be perfect for you. And to access the bonus patches, you're gonna need Omnisphere. extra bonus patches...just as a little thank you for the support.

The last patch "TRENSASAW" uses a soundsource from the Moog Expansion sorry if you don't have's a free bonus patch. So... ENJOY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!
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