A Walk in my Stilettos: 111 Affirmations to Help You Heal

Affirmations (meaning a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth) have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. But they don't always work for everyone. You must believe in the words you are saying. Feel the power behind them and let them marinate into your subconscious. We repeatedly tell ourselves things everyday and don’t even realize. What lies are you currently telling yourself about YOU? These unwholesome statements can stay with us in the conscious or unconscious mind, which we then reinforce throughout our lives.

To “affirm” something, by dictionary definition, means that you are declaring it to be true. So when you affirm that you are fit when you are not, wealthy when you are financially struggling, or loved when you are lonely, you are holding a vision for what you know CAN be true.

Makini Smith discovered the power of positive affirmations and gratitude prayers that changed her life for good. In the pages of this book she shares “111 affirmations to help you heal” that made a difference in her life. When we hold a high regard for ourselves and display self-love we set the tone for how we are treated by others. Up your level of living TODAY!
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