1099 Worker or W2 Employee, report.

1099 Worker or W2 Employee

This is a report covering the differences between 1099 and W4 workers.

This report is a guide to help you along on your work path journey. This introduction may be enough to get you started. I don’t know how many of you are 1099 workers or W2 employees or hire them, but I want you to be aware of a few things. This is to help you out whether you run a business or if you are the worker.

Overview.. 2

Summary. 3

As a 1099 worker, what are My Self-Employed Tax Obligations?. 3

Learn the Rules! 3

Why go one way or the other?. 4

What you need to know. 5

Why they put “Contract” in Contract Work. 5

Classifying a Contract Worker. 6

Be aware of the SS-8 IRS form! 6

References: 7

Thank you! 7
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