155 : Miss Iris first grinding working day

Today is the first Miss Iris working day at the demolition yard !!

The boss ask Miss Iris to move an old car for him.  She’s not too good driving a
manual transmission (and this car has a bad clutch and transmission!).

She gets in and start it up but when she tries to put it in reverse to back up, it
won't go into gear and the gears keep grinding as she tries.

She grips the gearstick tightly with both hands and struggle to get it into reverse for a few minutes until it finally goes in with gears grinding. She finally backs out of her  spot but when she tries to put it in 1st, the same thing happens and she struggles again,  with both hands !!

She finally get started but  … another problem comes out ... she notices a forklift which is parked in the middle of the road !!

Poor Miss Iris … definitely she did not have a first lucky working day !!

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