Photo to Sketch Draw - Portraits from Photography Photoshop Action

Photo to Sketch Draw - Photoshop Action with perfect results, made for beginners or professional digital photographers and draw/paint artists. The final quality of the digital sketch draw, and the similarity with the original photo is high-end result, so good that even professional painting artists will hardly achieve that kind of quality result.

Actions works with Photoshop, prepared to give high-end final quality digital sketch draw from original photography.

Important Attention!!
Now Available with this order only, exclusively to be ordered TWO Photoshop actions that gives different results, At Price of ONE Action!! This actions can be ordered for price of 5.50 USD by the order link below.

All orders will be sent as rar file via email, with included instructions for setting and using the actions in Photoshop!

Simply choose your photography, start the action and get the result. Using Photoshop actions can make your life easier helping you to edit your photos in a seconds.
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