PSI ABILITIES-Unlock Inner Powers MP3

PSI ABILITIES-Unlock Inner Powers
8 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3

A Just Listen Subliminal Headphones Are Optional

Video Graphics Are For Stimuli Only

Voiced Affirmations In Music:

You Easily Move From

Normal To Paranormal Dimensions

And Return At Will

You Easily And Naturally Materialize

Effect Move And Disappear Any Object

You Easily Perceive Energy Fields Of

Surrounding People Places And Things

Multi Location Comes Natural To You

Being In multiple Locations At The Same Time

You Naturally Perceive

The Known And Unknown With Precise Accuracy

You Naturally Gain Insight To Any Situation

You Naturally Locate Objects

You Easily Perceive Events Before They Happen

You Naturally Channel Healing Energy

You Have The Ability To See

Far Into The Past And Future

I Know What Is Going To Happen

Based On The Current Energy Patterns

You Are A Multi Talented Sensitive

You Easily Obtain Information

About A Person Or Object By

Touching Or Concentrating On The

Object Or A Related Subject

You Easily Gather Information At A Distance

You Naturally Hear The Voices

Of People Who Are Very Far Away

You See Visions Of Events

People And Places That Are Far Away

You Naturally Foretell The Future

You Retain Strong Will Power At All Times

You Are Safe And Protected From

All Panic Subtle Forms OF Energy

You Naturally And Easily Stay Out Of

The Line Of Sight Of Psychic Attacks

You Are Not Easily Manipulated By Force Control

You Are Multi Dimensional Inner Dimensional Being
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