Jig Saw Vice Attachment

You can use this attachment to cut both Wood and Metal with great accuracy. It is much quieter, much safer, and takes a lot less room than a table saw to store. It also produces a lot less Saw Dust, therefore it can be used in small spaces.

Your purchase will be for the set of plans for building the Jig Saw Vice Attachment. The plans will include all the info you will need to build the attachment. Included in your download will be links to 3 instructional videos to make your build easier.

This is a very straight forward build and can be done by a novice welder. All angles are 90 degrees. You will be using Square Tubing and Flat Bars which are very easy to cut and weld.

This simple, yet extremely effective attachment will diversify and facilitate the use of your Jig Saw by attaching it to a Vice. Your Jig Saw becomes a versatile Table Saw with the ability to perform multiple tasks, that would be nearly impossible with the Jig Saw alone.

This download file is for your own personal, non-commercial use. It is not for resale, or distribution. You are free to give the plans to a welder to fabricate this for you. Please ask them to respect my Intellectual Property.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please get in touch with me. I will gladly reverse the charges to you.

Please use common sense when using this attachment or any other Power Tool, and use all safety precautions, including wearing safety goggles, mask, ear muffs. And please read the following before you hit that 'ORDER' button.

The legal stuff
Safety Precaution: If you choose to use power tools, you are responsible for correctly
and safely using the tool. As with any power tool, heed the manufacturer’s
precautions and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
If you are not absolutely sure of your abilities, find someone who is.
Some General Safety Guidelines:
(This is by no means a complete list.)
• Always follow the recommended safe working guidelines and instructions of any tool you are using.
• If a product includes instructions, follow the manufacturer's safety recommendations.
• Wear safety glasses when operating any power tool.
• Wear safety glasses when striking any object with a hammer or other striking tool.
• Do not wear loose clothing around moving machinery or power tools.
• Work at a calm and reasonable pace. Many accidents are the result of taking short-cuts or attempting to work too fast.
•It is recommended you wear hearing protection when using most loud power tools. If you hear ringing in your ears after using a loud tool or machine, that is a sign that the noise is loud enough to possibly cause hearing loss.
These instructions are not in any way to be taken as a guide in the proper use of any tools. When you are using any tool you should familiarize yourself with the Complete Owner’s Manual and Safety Recommendations and follow them as close as possible. Never use a tool you do not feel comfortable with. Always have your work area clean and clear of all trip hazards. Always wear safety glasses. Always wear a dust mask when cutting. Use a dust collector whenever possible. Keep your work surface at a comfortable height for you to work. Do not wear lose clothing when using power tools. If you follow all of the Occupational Health and Safety Rules you should be able to complete your project in safety
In no way will Saeid Mick Momtahan be held liable for any injuries or damages, direct or
consequential, incurred by any person who attempts to fabricate and/ or use the apparatus shown herein.
If you are not absolutely sure of your abilities, find someone who is, such as a licensed or certified professional.If you seek the lowest risk method of using a Jig Saw in any manner, we recommend that you hire a contractor. In many states and provinces contractors are required to be licensed and insured.

Thank you for you purchase

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