Create a GraphUMUC generic class - Solution

Create a GraphUMUC <T generic class that can represent a graph data structure where each node is of type T. Specific requirements include: Define appropriate methods, including a good toString() method. Implement depth and breadth first traversal algorithms on a the GraphUMUC <T class
defined above.
Use a data file format (give example of Graph algorithm: as input to your program)
Generate a variety of graph data files to test your program, using a String data type.
Generate a variety of graph data files using the class you defined in W1E1.
Demonstrate that your program works.
Write methods that will write and read text files of this class to make this easy, assume that the first line of the file is the number of elements in the
o make the file one line per entry
o use spaces as field delimiters in the files
o use the toString method of the class to write to the file
Provide a good GUI interface to control and test this class, at a minimum:
o use buttons to control the functions available
o use JFileChoose for selecting input and output files
o use a JTextArea and JScrollPane to create a scrolling text area for output
o the window should resize nicely - use BorderLayout with the text area in the center

Submission should include the following in a single zip file:
o all source code files
o relevant data files

Submit your zip file to the project 4 submission area.
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