Radio Circuits: A Step By Step Survey 1966 - Vintage Servicing Book

“Radio Circuits: A Step By Step Survey” (1966, 244 pages). This popular book explains in simple language and in easy stages all the varieties of circuits that are found in radio receivers. It does this by taking separately each stage of the receiver, piece by piece, and explaining it without the complication of all the associated circuits around it. In this manner every detail can be absorbed easily by the reader, who is not obliged to cope with more than can be assimilated at any one time. As the reader acquires familiarity with several parts, however, he is introduced to their mutual association with one another, and he is finally led to an understanding of the complete circuit of a receiver. The first 31 chapters provide the basic description and understanding of how each circuit in a vacuum tube based radio works. Those chapters are then followed by chapters 32-36 which cover vacuum tube based FM and AM/FM circuits. Chapter 36 and on then cover transistorized circuits and car radio. Any reader who understands what a resistor, a capacitor, a coil and a vacuum tube are can learn from this book about how these components are combined to make radio receivers perform their function. The book does not delve into a scientific explanation radio theory. It covers the practical explanation of the theory of radio operation without delving into the mathematics behind it. CONTENTS Preface Abbreviations 1 Superhet Principles 2 Aerial Input Circuits 3 Tuned Input Stage 4 Band-pass Coupling 5 R.F. Amplifier Stage 6 Frequency-Changing 7 Oscillator Arrangements 8 Early F.C. Circuits 9 Later F.C. Circuits 10 Oscillator Tracking 11 I.F. Amplifiers 12 Variable Selectivity 13 Demodulation Circuits 14 A.G.C. Principles 15 Delayed A.G.C. 16 A.G.C. Circuit Variations and A Note on A.F.C. 17 A.F. Amplification 18 Practical A.F. Circuits 19 Second A.F. Stages 20 Push-Pull Circuits 21 Push-Pull R.C. Stages 22 Q.P.P. A.F. Output 23 Class B A.F. Output 24 Loudspeaker Arrangements 25 A.C. Power Supplies 26 A.C./D.C. Power Supplies 27 Mains/Battery Portables 28 Tone Control Circuits 29 Negative Feedback 30 Gramophone Reproduction 31 Special Tuning Devices 32 F.M. Receivers 33 F.M. I.F. Stages 34 F.M. Detector Stage 35 Combined A.M./F.M. Receivers 36 Transistor Circuits 37 Transistored Receivers 38 Transistored Tuning Circuits 39 Transistor Audio Stages 40 Transistored A.M./F.M. Receivers 41 Hybrid Circuits 42 Car Radio Appendix Index The book was scanned and converted into this fully bookmarked digital book in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. In order to view this file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY STORE FOR ADDITIONAL VINTAGE RADIO AND ELECTRONIC RELATED ITEMS
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