CS1A Lab 6: Classes and Objects

Lab 6:  Classes and Objects (50 points)

This lab will give you more experience on the use of:
 classes
 class methods

 Lab 6:  Employee Class [50 points]

Write a class named Employee that holds the following data about an employee in attributes:
name, ID number, department, and job title.
 Once you have written the class, write a program that creates three Employee objects to hold the following data:

 Name    ID Number    Department    Job Title
 Susan Meyers   47899     Accounting  Vice  President
 Mark Jones    39119    IT     Programmer
 Joy Rogers    81774    Manufacturing   Engineer

The program should store this data in the three objects and then display the data for each employee on the screen.

# Fill in this space to construct an Employee class
class Employee:

    def __init__(self, name, id_number, department, title):
    def set_name(self, name):
    def set_id_number(self, id_number):
    def set_department(self, department):
    def set_title(self, title):
    def get_name(self):
    def get_id_number(self):
   def get_department(self):
    def get_title(self):
    def __str__(self):

def main():

    # Fill in this space to create three instances of Employee

    print('Employee 1:')



    print('Employee 2:')



    print('Employee 3:')


# Call the main function.


Here is a sample run:

Employee 1:

Name: Susan Meyers
ID number: 47899
Department: Accounting
Title: Vice President 

Employee 2:
Name: Mark Jones
ID number: 39119
Department: IT
Title: Programmer

Employee 3:

Name: Joy Rogers

ID number: 81774
Department: Manufacturing

Title: Engineer

1. Include the standard program header at the top of your Python file.
2. Submit your files to Etudes under the “Lab 6 “ category.

Standard program header

Each programming assignment should have the following header, with italicized text appropriately replaced.

Note: You can copy and paste the comment lines shown here to the top of your assignment each time. You will need to make the appropriate changes for each assignment (assignment number, due date, and description).
Program or Lab #: Insert assignment name
Programmer: Insert your name

CS21A, Summer 2014
Description: (Give a brief description for Lab 6)
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