One Of Us: The Transcendent Rise of Religious Cults in Horror

From Satanists to Scientologists, Moonies to the Manson Family, a collective fascination with cult ephemera persists. But how do cinematic portrayals compare to the real thing? We’ll examine depictions in flicks both infamous (THE WICKER MAN, 1973) and lesser-known (TICKET TO HEAVEN, 1981), to see how they hold up against accounts from actual cults of the 21st century. We’ll argue that cult imagery and content in popular media serve as reflection or commentary on wider moral, sexual and religious politics at the time of their release. We’ll RACE WITH THE DEVIL (1975) and go HELTER SKELTER (1976, 2004) in our quest for the truth, also internalizing screeds such as Tim Guest’s MY LIFE IN ORANGE. By session’s end, we’re confident you’ll have come to share our point of view, and espouse the correct belief: cult is forever.
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