Foundations of STEM Course

What you receive in this course: 

  • Mission: Tallest Tower of Pong

  • Mission: Fantastic Future Sneaker Design

  • Mission: Marble Madness Plunge

  • Mission: Reckless Robot Car

  • Mission: Sophisticated Solar Powered Fan

  • Mission: Wonderous Wind Turbines

  • Mission: Fearless Flight

  • Mission: Wild Water Powered Rockets

  • Edison and DECIDER Design Process Poster

  • Quick Launch Brushbots

  • Quick Launch Buoyant Boat

  • What is STEM Activity Sheet & PowerPoint

  • Introduction to Engineering

  • Inventions and Innovations Activity Sheet

  • Introduction to the DECIDER Design Process Activity & PPT

  • Design Lesson & Design Activity Sheets

  • Measurement Activity Sheets

  • Glue Gun Safety

  • Solar Power PowerPoint

  • Wind Turbine Aerodynamics PowerPoint

  • Physics of Flight PowerPoint

  • Rockets PowerPoint

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