NIC Grotesk

»NIC« like in scenic is a completely new very elegant grotesk font family that has nice contrast in the up and downstrokes. I am not such a big fan of monoline fonts, most of them tend to look like Futura and you hardly can better Futura. »NIC« is more in the tradition of Franklin Gothic, one of my all time favourite fonts, but »NIC« has its own character. The font looks like it has been around forever but it has new forms and new proportions that make it very, very readable. »NIC« has a character set of 558 glyphs with the most important ligatures, four different sets of numerals, normal and medieval numbers aligned for tables as well as two sets of fitted numbers, superior-inferior-denominator snd nominators, the font family comes in 7 weights with corresponding italic cuts with a normal and a rounded version each, all together 28 fonts. You get files for OpenType, and webfonts EOT and WOFF. More is in the works. Enjoy! This special introductory offer is good for a short time only.
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