Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - 2nd 50 Monsters

Tyler Warren RPG Battlers – 2nd 50 Monsters

Short description
Tyler Warren is back with 50 more colorful characters created in the spirit and style of classic RPGs!

Created in the spirit of early console RPGs, this pack of 50 battlers by artist Tyler Warren brings 50 more fresh options to the professional and amateur game creator.  Carefully crafted in a style comparable to the immensely popular Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) series, this set features monsters ranging from cute to colossal.  Trolls, bugs, slimes, elementals, beasts, animals, flyers, and many others.  Adaptable to any game making software, and specifically applicable to RPG Maker software.

This pack contains:

- Over 50 unique battlers with matching facesets
- Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into RPG Maker MV and VX Ace, and other RPG Makers
- All battlers are presented in sizes ranging from large to small; let the slime be the boss with no scaling issues
- Included is a background screen overlay that can be applied over battlebacks to give them a stylized texture to match each battler
- Battlers also come in recommended sizes (proportional to each other)
- Art style similar in spirit to the classic whimsical RPG characters of Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior)
- Each battler is also provided in an optional “soft-filtered” version
- Includes Personal Use License and Limited Commercial Use License


Personal Use License: The buyer is free to use/modify purchased images in personal projects/crafts/video games of every kind with no further restrictions provided the products are not intended for sale, or offered for sale.

Limited Commercial Use License: The buyer is free to use/modify purchased images in commercial projects/crafts/video games up to 3,000 times. Buyer must give credit to the copyright holder (Tyler Warren) when used in commercial projects. (Note: Video games have no internal restrictions on use, the 3,000 unit applies to sales volume of the final product.)

Unlimited Commercial Use License: Not included with this purchase, but can be purchased separately.
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