Final Project Part V: Quality Checklist

Final Project Part V: Quality Checklist
The References must be scholarly and no later than 3 years old per instructor. The assignment is also being checked for plagiarism.

Review the following two research studies.
1. Garne, D., Watson, M., Chapman, S., & Byrne, F. (2005). Environmental tobacco smoke research published in the journal Indoor and Built Environment and associations with the tobacco industry. Lancet, 365(9461), 804–9. Retrieved from

2. Sclar, E. D., Garau, P., Carolini, G. (2005). The 21st century health challenge of slums and cities. Lancet, 365(9462), 901–3; Retrieved from
Based on your review of the two studies, create a checklist to analyze the quality of research studies.
• Your checklist should not have more than 20 items. Avoid repetition.
• Explain how each item on the checklist helps evaluate a study.
• The checklist should be clearly worded. A person using it should not have to ask for an explanation of any item.

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