Battlfield 1 macro no recoil for A4tech Bloody, X7 & FireGlider | sens 25%

In the winter update changed the recoil - macros on the update!

Information can be found here

What is the advantage of give the in-game macro Batlfield 1?
Macros completely full no recoil, scripts boost accuracy of weapons, macros make semi-automatic weapons fully automaticand prolong the life cycle of a mouse, eliminating frequent clicking LMB.

The game has a strong random spread in vertical and horizontal, with random failures of the recoil force on the vertical! Perfect shot in point or retention of the sight in a vise is not possible!

Written macros for Bloody and X7 mice. At present in the game for automatic weapons attached macro X7 for transfer script on left button mice! Macros for automatic weapons, you can install the emulators of type Root:Macro or Macros Effects without guarantees perfect reproduction of scripts!

CONTROLS - basic:
Mouse sensitivity (soldier) - 25%
Basic input (mouse) - Yes (if NOT, change the mouse Sensitivity)
Invert the vertical viewing - No
The sensitivity when aiming - 100%
VIDEO highlights:
Angle of view - any user | macros are written in 55 (Hor+70)
Angle sight - NO (if YES, then you should change the mouse Sensitivity)
Screen resolution and format monitor - any custom

1- 12g Automatic EX Extended
1- 12g Automatic HN Hunter
1- Automatico M1918 FT Factory
1- Automatico M1918 ST Storm [LBM]
1- Automatico M1918 TR Trench [LBM]
1- Hellriegel 1915 FT Factory [LBM]
1- M97 AL All Custome
1- Model 10-A HN Hunter
1- Model 10-A FT Factory
1- MP-18 OS Линза [LBM]
1- MP-18 TR Trench [LBM]
1- MP-18 EXP Experiment
2- 1906 FT Factory
2- Cei Rigotti OS Optical.Sight
2- Cei Rigotti FT Factory [PRO]
2- Cei Rigotti TR Trench
2- M1907 SL FT Factory
2- M1907 SL SW Sweeper [PRO]
2- M1907 SL TR Trench
2- Model 8.35 EX Extended
2- Model 8.35 FT Factory
2- Mondragon OS Optical.Sight
2- Mondragon SN Sniper.Scope
2- Mondragon ST Storm
2- Selbstlader M1916 OS Optical.Sight
2- Selbstlader M1916 SA Semiautomatic
2- Selbstlader M1916 FT Factory [PRO]
3- BAR M1918 OS Optical.Sight
3- BAR M1918 ST Storm [LBM]
3- BAR M1918 SN Sniper.Scope [LBM.PRO]
3- BAR M1918 TN Trench [LBM]
3- Huota FT Factory [LBM]
3- Lewis Gun LW Lightweight [LBM]
3- Lewis Gun OS Optical.Sight [LBM]
3- Lewis Gun SU Suppressive [LBM.PRO]
3- M1909 OS Optical.Sight [LBM]
3- M1909 ST Storm [LBM]
3- M1909 SU Suppressive [LBM.PRO]
3- Madsen LW Lightweight [LBM]
3- Madsen ST Storm [LBM]
3- Madsen TN Trench [LBM]
3- MG15 LW Lightweight [LBM]
3- MG15 ST Storm [LBM]
3- MG15 SU Suppressive [LBM.PRO]
4- M1903 EXP Experiment
P- 1903 Hammerless
P- Bodeo 1889
P- Bull Dog Revolver
P- C93
P- Frommer Stop
P- Gasser M1870
P- Howdah Pistol
P- M1911
P- Mars Automatic
P- Mle 1903
P- Modello 1915
P- P08 Pistol
P- Taschenpistole M1914
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