In 1950, the Turing test was defined by a famous mathematician named Alan Turing who posed the very question: If we couldn't see who was answering questions, could we tell by the responses whether they came from a human being or a computer? Are there things about the responses made by people that reveal them as distinctively human? What are the implications if there aren't?" (Mosser, 2010, section 4.4). The Turing test would come in extremely handy if we ever went to full Artificial Intelligence. In the movie AI: Artificial Intelligence, the young boy wanted to feel and believed he could feel, if he was computed that way. He wanted this because he wanted a loving Mother and family that would love him like parents love a human child. My question is what possessed him to think this way and why did he want this if he was just a robot that looked just like a kid and would always look like a kid. I guess it is kind of like the Pinocchio story from when we were kids.
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