Collective Theme 10


Four different sizes make it easier for you to list all sites (main, co-web, important and secondary) however you decide to list them. The boxes also adapt to any size image, so you can create your own sizes.

You can use this style differently by linking the gray or the pink, both are in preview. You can edit the text however you see fit. You can use images or gifs or both (see preview).

With font awesome bundled you can link to the site, twitter or tumblr in the twitter link space or elsewhere. Feel free to add whatever text you want in either of the spaces shown.

- Font Awesome bundled
- Includes index.php, style.css and images folder.
- You can change colors.
- You can edit the coding
- You can use on various sites that you own/run
- You do NOT have to include a credit link, but it is appreciated
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