181 Blowing the Fiat Punto - Miss Iris is on fire

"Finally I have a car all for me!" Miss Iris says. Dressed in total black, with black top, short black skirt and really high black sandals, she is entering the car.

"I can blow it out all alone!" She says to you!

She gets in the car, starts the engine of this little blue Fiat Punto and she revs the car to the max straight away!
No heating up, no preparing, she wants to go straight to the point! As soon as she revs it up the water temperature rises so fast that your eye can't keep up with it!

She then let the car breath and slow down, with a really slow rollercoaster movement, so a fast rev up, then hold for a sec and then a long slow down of the revs!

Then she opens the hood to hear more the engine begging for breathing, but she doesn't want to stop at all!

She then turn on the parking brake, put the first gear and try to move the car while revving to the limit!

While revving the car you see her looking straight with her sexy face, or some other times with an angel face, while pressing hard to the gas pedal to let you hear the car screaming!

In this video you have some picture in picture of the engine and at the same time a closeup view of her feet pumping the pedals with and without heels, so you can see her feet dancing to the pedals!

Will the car survive all this stress? There is a surprise at the end... ;)
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