RETURN OF THE GODDESS I ~ Roots of the Goddess ~ Divine Feminine Empowerment Seminar Series

We can best access the potential creative energy of our body and the universe when we can ground and connect to Mother Earth. An intimate connection with our living planet, Great Mother Gaia. What does it mean to invite the Goddess to Return to your life? For far too long, planetary energies have been out of balance, but the time is ripe, astrologically and cosmically, for a complete blossoming of the divine feminine. 
Learn how to better access this juicy, creative and compassionate energy in your life. Courting the Goddess requires a new understanding of the Divine Masculine and how to live in a balanced way from the heart. We will explore and activate the creative principle on all levels, coming into communication with the potent energetic power of the miracle organs of reproduction. This unleashes creative energies for projects and expression, and balanced thinking in the brain, inviting heart centered cosmic consciousness and alignment to source, as well as increased confidence in the intuitive nature.
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