Angie's Real Uniperm Perm in Salon - Digital Video on Deman VOD

UniPerm perms were very popular back in the 1970's and late 1980's. Then quicker perm methods were developed, leaving these machines being stored in basements and garbage dumps, as perm solution manufactures stopped creating the solution designed for UniPerm machines. But fear not! The UniPerm is back...and it only took Kat several months to find the correct perming solution. In this video, you'll learn how a UniPerm is done. Angie, dressed in office attire, visits Carmen's Salon in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, for a UniPerm. After receiving a relaxing shampoo, Angie takes a seat in the retro salon chair. Carmen sets Angie's hair neatly in peach and purple perm rods before covering the rods with special UniPerm perming solution, and then attaching the heated UniPerm clamps. Once the red lights on the uniperm clamps turn brown, the "6-minute perm" is done! Neutralizer is applied to her hair at the shampoo bowl and then rinsed out, leaving Angie with gorgeous, glossy, silky curly hair.For this vod: approx. 1 hour and 23 minutes, 592 MB, screen size 640x480
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