Youth problems which require placement at this level of care:  Documented gang   member; juvenile adjudications for purse snatching, breaking and entering, and drug            possession; prior custody in a juvenile correctional facility; prior probation on two           separate occasions; and pleaded guilty to charge of possession of a concealed weapon.

II.        Services to provide for the youth:  Group therapy, drug use counseling, skills for life         classes, anger management classes, and educational and vocational services.

III.       Duration of placement:  Six months detention in an ADJC facility.

IV.       Desired outcome of the services and the measurement tool used to determine this:             Improvement in behavior; improvement in coping skills that do not include drug use;           improvement in staff and peer relations; and progress in education and vocational       training.  Staff members who include Arizona Juvenile Probation Officers and written   documentation regarding progress and behavior will determine progress made toward             completion of goals.
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