HLT-362V Week 1 Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation Excel Worksheet

Please type your answer in the cell beside the question.

1. Identify the sampling technique being used. Every 20th patient that comes into the emergency room is given a satisfaction survey upon their discharge.
a. random sampling
b. cluster sampling
c. systematic sampling
d. stratified sampling
e. none of the above

2. The formula for finding the sample mean is _________________.

3. The formula for finding sample standard deviation is ________________.

4. The computation form for sample variance is ___________________.

5. The following is the heart rate for 10 randomly selected patients on the unit. Find the mean, variance, and standard deviation of the data using the descriptive statistics option in the data analysis toolpak.

75, 80, 62, 97, 107, 59, 76, 83, 84, 69

6. The following is a frequency distribution for the number of times patients use the call light in a day’s time. X is the number of times the call light is used and f is the frequency (meaning the number of patients). Create a histogram of the data.

X    f
1    2
2    4
3    7
4    5
5    7
6    3
7    15
8    13
9    10
10    6
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